The Miracles of Smith Wigglesworth

by Dr. Michael H Yeager (Author)

A Pentecostal historian can provide insights into the miraculous events associated with Smith Wigglesworth, offering a nuanced perspective on his influential life and ministry.

Book Description:​

This is an amazing book about the life and ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, who was an amazing man of faith. This is a compilation of over 200 life changing miracles that Smith experienceed in his life. Smith had an amazing, unwavering faith in Christ Jesus. It is our hope that these true stories will come exploding off of the pages of this book into your heart to change your life forever. Our greatest desire is that you will enter into the same supernatural realm of faith that Smith Wigglesworth walked, lived and moved in. May you be healed and divinely equipped by God to set the captives free, in the Wonderful Mighty Name of JESUS!

About the Author

Dr. Michael H Yeager (Author)

Dr. Michael met and married his wonderful wife (Kathleen) in 1978. As a direct result of the Author and his wife’s personal, amazing experiences with God, they have had the privilege to serve as pastors/apostles, missionaries, evangelist, broadcasters, and authors for over four decades. By Gods Divine Grace, Doc Yeager has written over 200 books, ministered over 10,000 Sermons, and has helped to start over 25 churches. His books are filled with hundreds of their amazing testimonies of God's protection, provision, healing's, miracles, and answered prayers.

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Discover the workings of miracles with a life of purity Michael Yeager will expand on the life of Smith Wigglesworth revealing his life of miracles that manifested. Healed of appendicitis when doctors gave no hope, Wigglesworth reveals "Well the corpse has been coming and going around the world preaching the gospel these many years since that time! I have, laid hands on the people with appendicitis in almost every part of the world and never knew of a case not instantly healed, even when doctors were on the premises." This work will motivate you to tap into all God has for you, especially the ability to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. He tests our heart affections before hand. "So many people want to do great things, and to be seen doing them, but the one that God will use is the one that is willing to be hidden. " For those desiring the gifts of healing without the sacrifice, Smith Wigglesworth states the following: "You must not think that these gifts will fall upon you like ripe cherries. There is a sense in which you have to pay the price for everything you get. We must be covetous for God's best gifts, and say amen to any preparation the Lord takes us through in order that we may be humble, usable vessels through whom He Himself can operate by means of the spirit's power. " Like Wigglesworth, believe God to put you in the right place at the right time. Mixed throughout is also author Yeager sharing his miraculous journey with God in the supernatural. If you desire to understand more about the workings of miracles then this easy to read book is for you. It is a book exhorting you to action and belief that God is not a respecter of persons. Rather, He is moved by desire, purity, diligent study of His Word and faith. An enjoyable and informative book, I give it a five star rating. Check out other fine books by this author that will edify your Christian life.