The Mistletoe Haunting: Legend of Minster Lovell by David Slattery-Christy

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Book Description:

41J-GS-xWAL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_A Mistletoe Bride is murdered on Christmas Eve, 1893. Her ghost haunts the family stately home, Willow Manor, until her remains are discovered and the truth revealed. Set in the present day and Victorian England, the tragic young bride can at last share her story and put right the terrible injustice that destroyed her family and those she loved. The city of Oxfords Randolph Hotel, and the village of Minster Lovell, the site of the stately home, are the locations for this heartwrenching story of deceit, love and betrayal. The Mistletoe Bride, a local legend, was popularised in a poem by Thomas Haynes Bailey in 1884, and then set to music to become the popular song: The Mistletoe Bough!

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Mr. R. Langford Jones

There have been various stories about the bride who,on her wedding night, hid from her husband in a game of hide-and-seek in an old oak chest. Unknown to her a hidden spring caused her to be locked in. Such stuff are nightmares made on! But it is the poem The Mistletoe Bough, subsequently turned into a popular Victorian song, which David Slattery-Christy has used as the springboard for his own re-telling of the full, tragic tale.
His new novel THE MISTLETOE HAUNTING is a must for anyone who loves ghost stories. Readers who are familiar with his engrossing biography of the real life Mildred Aldrich (“Mildred on the Marne”*) will be aware of Slattery-Christy’s ability to use his knowledge of real locations and events to atmospherically evoke time, period and place – here, the City of Oxford and the nearby village of Minster Lovell. He weaves his material into an intriguing, suspenseful whodunnit with a cast of complex characters. Whilst the principal narrator is the spirit of the victim herself, the author also introduces us to the other main characters in both their past and present incarnations, playing with time zones as he messes with our heads to create yet another piece of compulsive reading!
[*See also: 0752497685 Mildred on the Marne: Mildred Aldrich, Front-line Witness 1914-1918]

About the Author

*** NEW NOVEL: The Mistletoe Haunting – Legend of Minster Lovell released 26 February 2016: “A beautiful book, and beautifully written.” Kat Orman, BBC Radio Oxford 22/1/16 ***Author and his Novello biography ‘In Search of Ruritania’ Featured on BBC Radio 2 documentary on Ivor Novello with Don Black on 2nd October 2014 titled: Keep The Home Fires Burning as part of the BBC Great War Centenary broadcasts. *** David was born in Oxford, England, in 1959. He graduated from London’s City University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Journalism. In addition to this he has a Teaching Degree from Lancaster University and a Masters Degree in the Arts from the University of Central Lancashire and continues his professional development by undertaking courses at the University of Oxford. Prior to this he attended London Theatre Arts to study drama, and then worked extensively in the performing arts industry as a playwright, producer and director. His stage plays include the award winning Forever Nineteen, After The Tone and The Post Card – which enjoyed London and New York productions, as well as touring nationally in the United Kingdom. His involvement in adapting the libretto for Ivor Novello’s 1935 musical Glamorous Night resulted in him directing the 50th Anniversary Concert to celebrate the life and work of Novello at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London’s West End. Subsequently he has worked as the Ivor Novello Consultant on Julian Fellowes and Robert Altman’s Oscar and BAFTA winning film Gosford Park, and contributed to the BBC Documentary on the life of Novello The Handsomest Man in Britain. He is the author of In Search of Ruritania, a biography on Ivor Novello – Anything But Merry! The Life and Times of Lily Elsie the Edwardian actress and singer who found fame in Lehar’s The Merry Widow; the novel based on the legend of a mistletoe bride titled The Mistletoe Haunting: Legend of Minster Lovell and a WW1 biography Mildred on the Marne: Mildred Aldrich, Front-line Witness 1914-1918. Currently he is developing a play based on the relationship between opera composer Puccini and his wife, Elvira, and a new biography based on the life of Martita Hunt (Miss Haversham in David Lean’s 1947 film of Great Expectations) titled: Greater Than Expectations: The Life and Work of Martita Hunt.

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