Where did the Moon first come from to fill our skies with its light, a satellite larger than any minor planet? How long ago (could it really be billions of years?) and how come it sticks so faithfully by the Earth?

No one knows for sure. But – did you know? By now there are some good guesses.

And again, why should the Moon mean so much to us, even now amid the contamination of street lights, represent our unconscious yearnings and night-time life, and in its ever recycling phases and “moonths” initiate our time measuring and control the tides of our earth and our lives, and keep coming again and again and again in our literature and art?

Is it true that wolves come out to roam in the full of the moon, and animals and humans behave differently?

Listen all about it here, the first integrated account of the Moon’s art and science, in this entrancing work by the Irish naturalist David Campbell Callender speaking through the voice of his granddaughter author, Ruth Finnegan.

And then, the watching witching Moon is just – so beautiful.