The Motive by Joseph Badal

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Book Description

2016 Winner of the Tony Hillerman Prize for Best Fiction Book of the Year.

In “The Motive,” Joseph Badal presents the first book in his new series, The Curtis Chronicles. This latest addition to Badal’s offering of acclaimed, best-selling thrillers delivers the same sort of action and suspense that readers have come to expect and enjoy from his previous nine novels.

Confronted with suspicious information relating to his sister Susan’s supposed suicide in Honolulu, Albuquerque surgeon Matt Curtis questions whether his sister really killed herself. With the help of his sister’s best friend, Renee Drummond, and his former Special Forces comrade, Esteban Maldonado, Matt investigates Susan’s death. But Lonnie Jackson, the head of organized crime in Hawaii, afraid that Matt has gotten too close to the truth, sends killers after him.

This is an artfully written book that will appeal to readers who like thrillers with fully-developed characters, a big plot, and plenty of action, seasoned with friendship and romance.

“The Motive” puts the reader on a roller coaster ride of non-stop thrills and chills, propelled by realistic dialogue and a colorful cast of characters. It is another entertaining story from a master story-teller where the good and evil struggle for supremacy and everyday heroes battle malevolent antagonists.

“ ‘The Motive’ is a nail-biter I couldn’t put down. Joseph Badal knows how to make his legion of readers sweat to the very last paragraph. He has mastered the art of writing—and suspense. Bravo!”
—Parris Afton Bonds, Award-Winning Author of “Dream Time”
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“Love the book”

Five Star Review on Amazon by John Carenen

Joe Badal knows how to take multiple story lines, weave them together artfully, and leave the reader out of breath trying to keep up. He is a master again with The Motive as the protagonist, New Mexico surgeon Matt Curtis, suspicious about the “suicide” of his sister in Hawaii, starts his own investigation. He runs into a wide array of dangerous characters all determined to keep him from the truth. But Curtis plows on and, as he gets closer to the truth, he finds himself the target of dangerous and deadly adversaries determined to hide their corruption from his eyes. This story, set mostly in Hawaii, describes the beauties of that state in the midst of those who operate outside the law. As the story races to its conclusion to discover the motive behind Curtis’ sister’s murder, this reader was on the edge of his seat. Love the book, and delighted that it is the first in a new series from Badal – Cycle of Violence.

About the Author

Joseph Badal grew up in a family where story-telling had been passed down from generation to generation. Prior to a long finance career, Joe served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army in critical, highly classified positions in the U.S. and overseas, including tours of duty in Greece and Vietnam. He earned numerous military decorations.

Joe is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author who has written 12 award-winning, best-selling suspense novels. His stand-alone novels include The Pythagorean Solution, Shell Game, and Ultimate Betrayal. He has 3 series in progress, including the Danforth Saga [Evil Deeds (#1), Terror Cell (#2), The Nostradamus Secret (#3), The Lone Wolf Agenda (#4), Death Ship (#5), and his latest novel, Sins of the Fathers (#6)], the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files [Borderline (#1) and Dark Angel (#2)], and the Cycle of Violence series [The Motive (#1)].
Joe’s short stories appeared in the “Uncommon Assassins” (2012), the “Someone Wicked” (2013), and the Insidious Assassins (2014) anthologies. Joe also writes a blog titled Everyday Heroes, which can be viewed at

Joe has been recognized as “One of The 50 Best Writers You Should Be Reading.” He is a two-time winner of the Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction Book and has received Gold (3) and Silver (2) Medals from the Military Writers Society of America. In 2017, his books, The Motive and Borderline, were named finalists in the International Book Awards contest in the Thriller/Adventure and Mystery/Suspense categories, respectively.

Joe has written dozens of articles that have been published in various business and trade journals and is a frequent speaker at business and writers events.

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