51co+wLalfL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Peter’s remote mountain sanctuary is under siege as refugees from a dying civilization invade his territory threatening his way of life. He befriends a Native American girl who helps him unlock strange powers that have lain dormant on the sacred mountain for centuries. Peter must use all his experience and newfound spiritual awareness to protect himself, and the girl, from impending danger.
He finds himself in a centuries old tribal conflict with the ‘Sons of Disobedience’. Someone has turned the clock back two thousand years and now it’s a fight for survival.
Supernatural forces draw Peter into a vortex of danger – he must fight not only for himself and the girl but also for the future of mankind.
‘The Mountain’ is a tense action thriller with intriguing mystical and environmental overtones that takes the reader on a journey through Native American folklore and questions the fabric of modern society.

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I especially liked that Ray had some very strong female characters to …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Euan Aird

The Mountain
I read this after reading Ray Knight’s “The Hatcher File.” This tale took me on a memorable journey that I didn’t want to end. Although primarily an action/thriller, it touches deeply on Native American culture and is well researched. It has some thought-provoking mystical and environmental elements that had me intrigued. The story has rich well-portrayed characters, a colorful setting and was full of twists and turns. I especially liked that Ray had some very strong female characters to offset the macho elements within the storyline. I thoroughly recommend this novel and will certainly look out for other titles from this author.

About the Author

Born in the suburbs of London in 1955, Ray was an avid reader from a very young age. As a young boy, he read the abridged classics, after lights out under his blankets, using a flashlight his grandfather gave him. He Journeyed to the Centre of the Earth, Travelled Around the World in Eighty Days and rocketed from the Earth to the Moon inspired by the writings of Jules Verne and H.G Wells – all from the safety of his bed. It was this, and the fact that he lived under a flight path from Heathrow Airport, that kindled his later passions for writing and traveling.
His favorite subject at school was creative writing and his ambition was to become a journalist and an author. He loved boxing, and as a young teenager, he trained at the Hayes Boxing Club, in London, where he rubbed shoulders with some of the better amateur boxers in the country. He left school at sixteen, anxious to see the world, and started his working life as a trainee accountant. As soon as he turned eighteen, he quit his job and began to travel around Europe. Over the next two years, he took odd jobs in the winter in the UK and traveled on the continent in the summer months using a combination of hitchhiking, cycling and trains. He enjoyed many diverse and wonderful experiences from the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona to watching the sunset over Athens from the mystical ruins of the Acropolis.
In the winter of his twentieth year, Ray took another ‘temporary’ winter job as a trainee croupier in a London Casino. It turned into his career for the next forty years – so much for his dreams of journalism and writing, which ended up on the back burner. Ray continued to travel the world, living in Australia and visiting the Philippines and the Far East.
Ray settled in the Bahamas in 1990 and worked for over twenty years in the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island. He travelled throughout the Caribbean where many of the scenes in his first book, The Hatcher File, are set. Ray parted ways with the casino in 2012 and turned to his original passion of writing – finally chasing his childhood dream of becoming an author.
He had several short stories and articles published in local Bahamian magazines and newspapers before releasing his first novel in 2012. For three months in early 2015, he resided in Bimini where the legacy of Hemingway inspired his first collection of short stories. In September 2015, he published his second novel, ‘The Mountain’, at the same time he re-launched a revised and updated version of ‘The Hatcher File’ and published the collection of short stories under the title of ‘In the Footsteps of Hemingway’.
Ray is a keep fit enthusiast and keen cyclist. Although a British citizen, he is now a permanent resident of the Bahamas and represented his adopted country at a squash tournament in Jamaica in 2004 at the age of forty-nine. He now spends his time between his children and grand children in Nassau and his parents in London (and yes, they still live under a flight path from Heathrow!).

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