The Mummy’s Gift

by Carolyn Radmanovich (Author)

Angelica soared over 1849 San Francisco, while Heather braved Ecuador's jungles to appease a mummy's wrath.

Book Description:​

Her wings took the wind, lifting her toward the cerulean sky and the fluffy white clouds.
She was airborne and free—joy filled her being.

San Francisco, California, and Ecuador 1849. Set in the California Gold Rush era, two sisters with mystical powers become separated and must find each other by time traveling from the 21st century. Arsonists, a grizzly bear, and a missing sister besiege Angelica and her husband. A mummy’s curse befalls Heather and her lover, who land in the threatening jungles of Ecuador. After conferring with a shaman, they journey to return a sacred belt to the mummy at the top of a volcano in order to stop the lover’s curse. Each sister encounters romance, danger, and mystical insights through either shape-shifting or visions. Both women must tackle a common enemy driven by a thirst for vengeance. Book #3 in The Shape-Shifter’s Wife Series.

About the Author

Carolyn Radmanovich (Author)

On a sun-drenched spring day, while canoeing on the Russian River, the author, Carolyn Radmanovich, almost drowned, igniting a profound passion for storytelling that would shape her future. Having obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in History from San Jose State University and knowing she wanted to craft a novel centered around the Northern California Gold Rush, she immersed herself in historical narratives of California during the late 1840s. The first book in her series, The Shape-Shifter's Wife, earned the President's Choice in Visionary Fiction from Independent Book Awards. In her second offering, The Gypsy's Warning, Carolyn received the award for the best time travel romance from Pinnacle Books. The Mummy's Gift received a Five-star review by Pikasho Deka of Readers' Favorites. In the Mummy’s Gift, the saga continues in the California Gold Rush, where two sisters embark on a captivating journey of time travel, encountering unexpected romance and danger. Heather’s world turns upside down in the jungles of Ecuador as she attempts to return a belt to a mummy at the top of a volcano to stop her husband’s curse. Vengeful arsonists, a mammoth grizzly bear, and a wounded husband besiege Angelica. In their quest, they confront a formidable common adversary, necessitating the full use of their extraordinary mystical insights through shape-shifting and visions. Carolyn Radmanovich’s series reveals the power of personal transformation and living life to the fullest, no matter the circumstances.

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In “The Mummy’s Gift” Carol Radmanovich takes us to book three in the “Shape Shifter’s Wife” series. Set in 1859, and many timeframes before and after, this meticulously researched and luminous novel moves back and forth through time spans and locales with an eloquent liquidity, as it follows its lead character, Angelica, through one adventure and life challenge after another, in whichever form she must take to accomplish the goal at hand. And through all of the adventure, problem solving, and danger, Radmanovich’s writing is staunchly embedded with the care and kindness of loving and being loved. Radmanovich’s vibrant descriptions of Angelica’s transformations are by themselves, magical and intense, worthy of high praise and when set inside adventure, family love and romance, they power the story forward. Further strength is found in Radmanovich’s colorful and enriching historical landscapes which provide not only a wonderful sprinkling of California history, but serve to place the reader in the various moments and places in which the characters reside. The relationships between Angelica and other story characters are well defined and compel the reader to feel their emotions as they all work together to support, advise, and even save each other. Nowhere are these traits more on display than when her beloved sister, Heather and husband disappear under suspicious circumstances, and another story arch in Ecuador begins with good and bad magical themes, and then reaches back to California with an arch involving an accusation of murder. In this dense, rich read, family, faith and romantic love are beautifully depicted in each story direction, which are satisfyingly and amazingly melded together in the end.