The Murder Club 

by – Literature & Fiction (Author)

(The Protégé Series: A Dark Psychological Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)

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Book Description:

The Protégé series continues in this dark psychological mystery thriller. Chelsea Rivers, a troubled and abused teen, is prompted by her therapist, Dr. Bennett, to plot the murder of the “cool kids” as a cathartic exercise in book three, The Voltarist. In a surprise twist of events, she ends up befriending the group and learning that there is more to this popular group of kids than meets the eye. Meanwhile, a trio of dangerous and psychopathic killers escapes the local psychiatric hospital.

The Murder Club is book four in this dark psychological mystery thriller series. Chelsea encourages her new friends to use the same cathartic exercise given to her by Dr. Bennett. As the group of teenagers becomes closer, their friendship is cemented in the development of a secret murder club. What began as a simple exercise to explore their feelings and promote healing grows into something disconcerting.

Meanwhile, as Chelsea continues her therapy, she learns some secrets about Dr. Bennett, that her dark past may have something to do with her alternative therapy methods. The Protégé’s Protégé, book two in the series, is where Dr. Bennett’s past lies hidden. However, The Protégé, book one in the series, is where the series’ history is located.

This serial killer murder book is darkly intriguing with a surprise twist of events.

About the Author: Charlie Graff

Charlie Graff is a first time author who was abused as a child & has found healing in creative writing. Charlie lives remotely in Lower Michigan while writing short novels