The Mystery of Broken Spur Ranch

Two 12 year old cousins help solve a mystery and save the family.
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I loved everything about this story. It brings together two boys brought up in different parts of the world who must work together despite their cultural differences. The boys are tasked with a tall order considering James knows nothing about ranch life and doesn't even ride. Thomas seems to have the advantage, but he still must learn to lean on James's abilities if he wants to solve the riddle. The hardest part: can the two boys find a way to end the long-standing disagreement between their fathers and save the ranch? The stakes don't get much higher than that. The Mystery of Broken Spur Ranch has a fun cast of characters, an interesting plot, and a great ending. The story moves along at a good pace, and the mystery keeps the reader moving forward. This is not the first book I've read from Bockman. I certainly hope it won't be my last. She knows how to tell a story that engages young readers.

-- Cheryl C. Malandrinos
Book Description:

Two 12 year old cousins help solve a mystery and save the family.

Barbara Bockman (Author)
Barbara Bockman grew up in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and attended Lee H. Edwards High School in Asheville. She earned her BA in English from Western Carolina College, a BA in Library Science from Mississippi University for Women, and a Masters Degree in English from the University of West Florida. She taught English at Pensacola State College. With numerous grandchildren, Ms. Bockman has plenty of material for her children’s and emerging adult books. She depends heavily on her critique groups to help her improve her writing: SCBWI, Pens and Brushes, and WAG’s Creative Cronies.
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