The Mystery Of The Pirate’s chest

by Mike Minicky (Author)

Shea and friends race to reclaim a stolen pirate's chest, unlocking a twenty-year mystery before a merciless adversary erases the truth.

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When Shea Daily was a child, her father disappeared. He had left behind a pirate’s chest filled with mysterious items and a note for her and her mother. Years later, Shea is grown up and off to college. While moving into her new apartment, the pirate’s chest her father had left behind is stolen. With the help of her new neighbor, Michael Burke, and his friends, it is a race to find the pirate’s chest to figure out the mystery of its contents. Contents that might lead to what actually happened to Shea’s father all those years ago. There is one catch, though, the people that stole the pirate’s chest work for a terrifying boss who will destroy whatever and whoever gets in his way. Take a journey on a non-stop thrill ride as you follow a newfound friendship that fights for their lives to unravel a twenty-year-old mystery before it is too late. You will be driven to the edge of your seat, biting your nails in this high-speed thriller with many twists and turns.

About the Author

Mike Minicky (Author)

I was born in St. Louis, Mo, where I resided until I was 16. My family and I then moved to Maui, Hawaii where I resided until I was 42. I currently reside in Florida. I am an avid comic book and anime fan. I love all genre of books, although the the fantasy genre is my all time favorite.

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Great Read, Loved it! Nice combination of a love story and mystery What a great read, loved the character's, especially Anui. It was a really solid combination of a sweet love story and mystery. It was a suspenseful journey that will keep you guessing to the very end. I read it while on the plane and couldn't put it down. I have a feeling the next story is in the works as you are left wanting to know more! I hope the next story has Ms. Jose as I laughed so hard as her character develops throughout the book. Nice addition to the story. It is an easy read that will make you laugh, cry, and sit at the edge of your seat.