The Night People

by – C.S. Hand (Author)

A Young Adult Sci Fi Coming-of-Age Novel (Sam and Jade’s Alien Adventures Book 1)

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Book Description:

The Night People have been visiting Sam for years. They won’t leave him alone, and he doesn’t know what they want.

Sam is the definition of a shy teen loner living in a small Kansas town. Having grown up with abusive parents, he trusts no one—bad things happen when you trust people. But it’s hard not to trust Jade, the new girl in high school. She’s smart and outgoing, and she wants to be Sam’s friend. When he tells her about the aliens trying to ruin his life, he knows she’ll think he’s crazy. But instead of laughing at him, Jade thinks the two of them should do some sleuthing.

Their investigation leads them on an incredible adventure where they tour top secret military bases–including Area 51–and interact with real-life aliens. They’ll also come up against a disgruntled army officer intent on eliminating the alien threat at all costs. But are the aliens truly a danger?

Sam is just an ordinary teenager whose daily problems include dealing with bullies at school and abusive parents at home. Jade is mourning the loss of her father and trying to survive a new high school. And along with Sam’s favorite teacher, the two of them must figure out what the aliens truly want from them while facing off against humans who are even more frightening..

Find out where this crazy adventure takes Sam and Jade in The Night People. For fans of coming-of-age sci fi novels with lots of mystery and heart and a hint of a slow-build teen romance. It’s out of this world!

Reviews for the Book

I applaud the author for convincingly blending young adult sci-fi with real life experiences. The main character, Sam, has been visited by what he calls the Night People since he was five years old. Whisked away during darkness for who knows what foul or arcane experiments. 
If that weren't difficult enough for a child to deal with, he also has to handle an abusive drunk of a father and a cold, indifferent mother. Then there's high school. Could his life get any worse? 
Yes and no. Into his world comes Jade, a spunky new arrival in town. She and Sam feel an immediate attraction for each other. Despite his learned coping mechanism of handling things by himself, she's determined not to let him go it alone. It's just as well, as their lives become increasingly complex between more frequent NP encounters and a rogue military officer. And did I mention high school? It's a challenge all in itself. 
I enjoyed the pacing and realistic character development that Carol Hand brought to this sci-fi adventure. Issues of racism and abuse are handled with care. As is the burgeoning romance between our two teenage heroes. Nicely done author! - Mise

About the Author: C.S. Hand

After spending too many years either standing in front of a classroom or writing nonfiction to meet others’ standards, C.S. Hand has returned to her first love–fiction writing. Now, she creates fictional characters and stories to her own specifications. A definite introvert and social misfit, she is happiest at her home in the Midwest, sitting in front of her computer surrounded by pets, while she takes her characters on strange and unbelievable journeys. Her writing is classified as Young Adult Science Fiction, but she hates being bound by categories and reserves the right to create characters of any age and drop them into situations of any kind–the weirder, the better!