Middle-aged, married man with three children, Pete Dawson, an East London pawnbroker, finds himself living a predictable and quite often boring life.
Over time, an opportunity for change arises when his young work colleague, Sabrina becomes the object of his affection. It is a feeling which is clearly mutual.
But Pete starts to realise something is not quite as it should be…
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Who doesn’t want to read someone else’s diary….?”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J M Hudson

I really enjoyed this book: it seems so familiar and yet different. The “secret diary” of middle aged pawnbroker Pete Dawson documents all his hopes, fears and adventures as well as imagining things that could happen in his life….but won’t. Some stories (diary entries) are laugh out loud funny, particularly when he is dealing with his eccentric and/or “more unusual” clients. A well constructed, flowing story that you want to keep reading, even when you need to do other things, such as go to work. The back stories are interesting as well, resulting in characters you find yourself caring about. A superb debut novel.

About the Author

My name is Elliot Stanton, married with twins; a boy and a girl and I live on the outskirts of North London. I have always enjoyed writing and in my teenage years, even created a fanzine for a friend’s band. I had often thought about writing a book but had difficulty in finding a subject, eventually finding one right under my nose. I worked in an old, established family jewellers and pawnbrokers and decided to reveal some of the humorous interactions with my customers. The Not So Secret Diary of a Pawnbroker was my first foray into serious writing.
Outside of writing, my interests include history, travel. I particularly love Las Vegas and my trips to Sin City have inspired me to write my second book – For A Few Dollars Less. I also like sport (although more as a spectator rather than as a participant), music and quizzing. As a member of a pub quiz team, I enjoy spending many an evening with friends, putting my grey matter to the test.
I have now taken a break from the typical 9 to 5 working week and spend my time writing more books and have never been happier.
In addition, I have written treatments for three new television quiz shows. So, maybe you’ll be seeing my name again quite soon!

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