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The Only One (A Dennison Property Story) by J F Holland

oneDisillusioned by falling for the wrong man, Kitty Phillips leaves her old self and life behind. One that is not dictated by who she is or how she looks………….. A simple change that will help her disappear in plain sight. She’s lonely and ready to take a chance. But will she find the right man this time around. The only one. Blake Dennison gets a front row seat as Kitty’s illusion slips after 2 years of playing his unassuming Personal Assistant. But is she ready to deal with the consequences of attracting another player? Blake not only sees the woman beneath the illusion, but hiding behind it too. He wants a chance to prove that he’s different from the men in her past. He wants to be the only one in her future. He wants to give them a happy ever after but will circumstances and people get in the way or will love conquer all.

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