acss“The Only One Who Saves Me” is a debut novel that follows two twenty-somethings as they navigate the pitfalls of modern life (and ghosts of the past).

Set along the picturesque shores of O’ahu, Hawaii, Morgan and Ember are both trying to make their way in the world and find their place in it. Each character is haunted by tragedies of the past and an uncertain future, but it isn’t just hardship that eventually brings them together. Through a chance meeting, they find in one another a kindred spirit, and, it’s a shared passion for music (not personal tragedy) that ultimately breaks through the barriers that each has lived comfortably numb behind. Almost as soon as it begins, however, old wounds threaten to destroy their budding romance, as secrets, lies, and self-sabotage undermine them at every turn.

Told from the unique perspective of both characters, readers accompany the pair on a journey of sacrifice and self-discovery, as they come to realize that, if you peel back the veneer of sunshine and rainbows, even paradise has a dark side.

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About the Author

Evan Morgan is a Freelance Writer, Author, Poet, and Music Blogger based in Honolulu. After several years of covering the local Entertainment and Nightlife scene and writing for online Entertainment platforms, he recently published his debut novel “The Only One Who Saves Me” through Kindle publishing.

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