The Open Window by Glen Ebisch

When the body of journalism professor Joseph Teller is found outside his office building on the Minton State University campus, questions are raised as to whether he fell or committed suicide. Both seem plausible since the open window in his office sits very low, and he lost his wife to cancer a little over a year ago.

Kate Cameron, a retired police officer and current real estate broker, gets involved when her boyfriend, editor of the local paper and former student of Teller’s, asks her to investigate the death in order to make certain the truth is revealed. She soon discovers there are a number of less obvious reasons for Teller’s death.

Adding to Kate’s woes, Bianca Fitzsimmons, a loose-cannon student intern on the paper, interferes in the investigation, although she sometimes seems more interested in having a romantic relationship with Kate’s boyfriend. As the investigation proceeds, Kate finds that she must not only reevaluate the evidence concerning Teller’s death but also her own personal life.
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“Quite a page-turner!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Anita Lock

Kate Cameron receives a call from Daniel Rencardi, her journal editor boyfriend, that his principal journalism college professor, Joseph Teller, is dead. Without any further evidence, the police rule it suicide. Daniel finagles Kate into doing a cover story; any investigating the retired police officer, local hero, and present realtor does connected to her story will be on her own. The more information Kate gathers, the more she believes that Teller was murdered. Pinpointing the culprit turns out to be more difficult than expected. It doesn’t help that Daniel hires Bianca, an attractive college student who clearly has a crush on Daniel, as a criminal reporter to help with the investigation. Aside of female aggravation, Kate’s searches seem to hit dead ends until she learns that Bianca has been attacked.

Ebisch’s newest keeps his audience on edge until the very end. Replete with red herrings, Ebisch’s plot flows from one scene to the next while slowing picking up clues. Running concurrently with the mysterious case are various issues regarding Kate, his protagonist and heroine. Kate frequently deals with nightmares connected with her previous police work. Her love life is another item that has its ups and downs, especially with Bianca involved in the investigation. By randomly alternating between these scenes, Ebisch is effectively able to build tension throughout his first-person narrative. The Open Window is quite a page-turner and bound to be a new favorite for Ebisch fans.


About the Author

Glen Ebisch was born in Passaic, New Jersey. He received a doctorate in philosophy from Columbia University and has taught philosophy for over twenty-five years. He has been writing for the same length of time, and has had over twenty-six mystery novels published for adults and young adults. He lives with his wife in western Massachusetts.

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