The undercurrent of the 1950s runs contradictory to the sugary vanilla life promoted on the TV during that time. Making a name for yourself draws attention from both sides of the street. No one knows this better than self-made business owner Joey Toranetti living in the midst of big crime families in his town. Navigating around crime bosses and MOB influenced politicians Joey manages to do whatever he must to protect his family and his business. As the title of the book “The Other Brooklyn” implies, we follow Joey through some unbelievable and gripping situations that require him to use his own street smarts to survive in such a tumultuous environment.
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Excellent story telling!!!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By rob

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! A total page turner, I could not put it down! The author does a great job of giving insight into how the world of organized crime would collide with legitimate business owners back in the 1950’s. It also explained, very well, as to how grey the line was between the two.

Joey Toranetti is a fantastic character that, although hot headed at times, does a great job of using intelligence to solve seemingly insurmoutable problems. His relationship with his father also draws the reader in and the bond they share is amazing.

Well written, and with hook after hook, this book will draw any reader right into Joey’s world. The plot twists are great and often very unexpected. I recommend this book very highly.

About the Author

Bob Ieva is as colorful an individual as the story he weaves in The Other Brooklyn: Joey Toranetti Trilogy! This popular book has been followed with the story in a series: The Hitman: Life in Brooklyn (Joey Toranetti Series Book 1),The Franchise (Joey Toranetti Book 2),The Final Offer (Joey Toranetti Series Book 3) are all available.
His new book “THE NEW BREED” is now available. This is book 4 of the Joey Toranetti series.

In addition to starting a successful writing career at 71, he enjoys cooking and playing guitar. He even owns a successful travel booking business. However, it was his time growing up in Brooklyn, NY that inspired him to craft a novel based on his experiences growing up during the notorious crime family days. Bob now enjoys life in warm and sunny Florida with his wife and family.

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