Items and oddities connected to the occult make for quite a dangerous atmosphere, but Damon can’t help liking what he likes. Kenneth, his roommate, finds it all strange and has been keeping more and more to himself as Damon’s obsession grows in intensity. Coming across a book about a clown entertainer and serial killer known as the Painted Face Killer, Damon is smitten with the fact that the killer was also an amateur painter. It was this pastime that helped investigators locate many of the Painted Face Killer’s victims with the help of his final artwork, but it was the painting itself that captured Damon’s attentions.

After discovering the painting is for sale, Damon wants it more than any oddity ever collected, but after purchasing it, he begins having nightmares of the killer speaking to him. James Martel has been looking for the perfect vessel—any willing one—and Kenneth suffers Damon’s obsession, paying the ultimate price.
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“A great horror story!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Veronica L. Smith

This story is a quick but interesting read. As someone with interest in horror I could relate somewhat to Damon’s obsession. I did enjoy the story a lot and only wished it were longer. I would love to see a novel of Martel’s life before this story. If you love horror you will love this and I highly recommend it.

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