The Pandarus File

by – Kyle Keyes (Author)

Helena Hollister was a New York City gold digger who latched onto her father-in-law’s fortune by seducing a Hobbs Creek 24 yr old who suffered from motor slowness.

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Book Description:

Helena Hollister was a New York City gold digger who latched onto her father-in-law’s fortune by seducing a Hobbs Creek 24 yr old who suffered from motor slowness. Helena got away with murder and the money, while two backwoods lawmen failed to unravel the mystery of who killed Elmer Kane. The case went unsolved from 1958 until early in the cyberspace age, when Helena Hollister surfaced in Right Bank, Paris as Anna Ward.

Reviews for the Book

I have been reading Kyle Keyes’ Quantum Roots books and I have to say, he’s a pretty good storyteller. Now this one is not a Q.R. novel but it also features his signature character Jeremy Wade. The reason why I have compared this to THE Sidney Sheldon of decades ago is because their stories mirror in terms of mystery, murder, and a beautiful but deadly female character who is connected to a bunch of male friends and enemies. It is the story of a couple by the names of Rodney and Helena Hollister who are rich (Rodney that is) and also a distinctive Black police detective who goes on to solve the biggest and hardest case of their hometown. But unfortunately, it just so happens that the husband gets landed in jail while Helena, surprisingly, goes free. But not for long, because Emmett Walker (the Black dude) soon puts the pieces of the puzzle together and comes to the conclusion (and the truth) that Helena and her partner in crime, Abel Johnson, did have something to do with the death of a seemingly disabled guy called Elmer Kane with whom Helena had been caught by Rodney being naked with at a bar.
I found this novel to be very brilliantly done. There is humor and that keeps the reader (like me) interested in it even more. There are no boring moments, every event flows so well. I did not like Helena Hollister one bit and I wanted to see her behind bars simply because she was cunning and a temptress. She has a dangerous mind and it got her, her fortune and her dream. The sad thing about this book though is that her innocent husband did not fare well and that he was jailed for a crime he had nothing to do with. Another thing about this book that was interesting was the genius mind of Emmett Walker. He was the one who prevailed in his detective work, who connected the pieces of the puzzling crime with the help of his Caucasian police partners. The novel’s formula is however similar to all other mystery stories in which the spouse of the wrongfully convicted is the real criminal.
As a closure, Kyle Keyes is a must-read author and you should read this book to find out for yourself what I was talking about above. If you aren’t familiar with Sidney Sheldon, then you are missing out. I recommend this pretty novel (the front cover is so romance novel-like) to those who are craving a book with all the spicy elements of small-town murder and a murderous witch who escapes prosecution for a long time. The book is an easy read so anyone from a teenager in high school to the aged reader can devour it in two days or even one. One last thing I should tell you about this book is that it’s got zero sexual content so you should be good to go. Later!
- ArtZFriend

About the Author: Kyle Keyes

The Quantum Roots Trilogy are three fiction books based on growing evidence, we form from recycled “quarks” that format with a “matching configuration,” triggered from this side of a two-dimensional “time wall.”

This new insight alters our standard evolution model and could lead to energy transporters that would replace rocket ships in our “race into space.”

While the books are merely Sci-Fi, they do negate a single “Big Bang,” and view our universe as an energy field that recycles star systems.

“We all have our own configuration,” states Dr. Norman Daly, “And that road map of quarks, springs eternal.