The Particle Beast

But more dangers are waiting for him inside than just the monster.
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Book Description:

They say the truth can set you free. Yet on Mars the truth can kill. Zeke Hailey is happy enough at the Chasm, the 23rd century school for psychics. But an answer to a secret throws his life into chaos. Now Zeke must choose between his friends and his missing father. Mars, however, isn’t ready to let him go. World famous translator Dr. Enki arrives with a sinister plan and he needs Zeke’s ability to speak Martian to help him uncover an ancient Martian city. A hideous monster lurks in this alien ghost town, with the terrifying power to erase atoms. A creature so deadly, it must never get free. But more dangers are waiting for him inside than just the monster. Zeke must find a way to defeat his greatest enemy before the fabric of time and space unravels forever.

Ian C Douglas (Author)
The best writers are part-librarian and part-swashbuckler. At least Ian C. Douglas has always tried to follow this path. After a nerdy childhood spent in the company of Tolkien, Lovecraft, and CS Lewis, Ian ran away to see the World. This quest for adventure landed him in countless scrapes, before becoming an English teacher in East Asia. After ten years of hard grammar, he returned to his native England, and graduated with a MA Distinction in Creative Writing. Since then he has written everything from online computer games to apps for children. Several of his stories have won prizes and he was a finalist in the Independent on Sunday’s writing competition. Ian visits schools as a history author with bloodcurdling tales of the past. His writing has appeared at the V&A’s Toy Museum. Ian lives near Sherwood Forest with his wife and children. Science Fiction has always been Ian’s first love. He is delighted to launch the Zeke Hailey series of SF novels for younger adults. Find out more about this book at
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