A young adult introduction to the Epic Fantasy Genre. The darkness is rising and the world is not safe. Tarien, a once thriving populous, now plagued with famine and disease. The nation is threatened by a barbaric hoard focused on destruction. Tarien forces are no match for the enemy’s dark sorcerer who wields powerful ancient magic. The mysterious Queen of Thieves, Navara, has become a beacon of hope as the champion of Tarien. Her light magic could be the key to Tarien’s victory, but only if Prince Erick can convince her to fight by his side. With such a troubled past haunting her future, Tarien’s beloved thief turned sorceress struggles with her newly found fame. Navara’s source of magic is from a higher power, one that forces her to stop the evil from spreading, but she must make sacrifices and her success will come at great cost. As she searches for a way to fight dragons and demons on her own, her companions try to breakdown her walls and share the heavy burden.
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Fun adventure with a little bit of something for every type of reader.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rachel N Wicklund

Exciting story line with interesting characters. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for book two of the trilogy.

About the Author

Rey Clark is an avid lover of all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy and has dreamed of being an author since childhood.  Its not a matter of making money but rather about the accomplishment involved.  It would be nice to work as a full time author but for now its acceptable to just check a box on a bucket list.  More books are in the pipeline and Rey isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.  There’s still that dream on the inside to be successful as an author.
Rey is also involved in community theather and non-profit volunteers opportunities.  Becoming a full-time author would definately free up the schedule to make more time for other projects.
Rey enjoys tabletop gaming in sparetime which aids in honing those creative chops.  GenCon is annual must!

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