The Pits

This new epic series is for you.Let the fight begin.
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Book Description:

An exciting epic action-adventure awaits fans of international crime stories that starch into a contemporary semi-military thriller fraught with wild car chases, gun battles, drug lords, and murder.A new adventure inviting you to join an U.S Marine as he discovers an insidious criminal industry of pandemic proportions that exists worldwide, even right here in his own backyard — activity that needs to be tackled by no less than the best fighters. THE FIGHT IS REAL THE TASK OF TAKING IT ON STAGGERINGWhen those involved come from every walk of life—from average suburban couples, cops, doctors, judges, even politicians of the highest level—can they ever be stopped?If you love fast-moving adventures with unexpected twists & turns in forms of page-turning thrillers like the Bourne series, the Bosch series, by the likes of Patterson and Connelly—then this new epic series is for you.Let the fight begin.

I was instantly intrigued by the cover of this book, considering that the title, the soldier, and the picture of the dog's eyes don't really make a lot of sense when you first see it. I was intrigued enough to dig a bit deeper and see what the story was, and the synopsis sold me immediately. I am a dog lover, always have been, always will be, and have known a number of service dogs, firedogs, etc. over the course of my life. I have never read a book that so brilliantly captured an animal's legitimate role in certain dangerous situations. A well-trained canine in the field, for a variety of different jobs, is priceless, and Smith (clearly another dog lover) is able to capture that undeniable fact in brilliant prose. The story is riveting and gripping in a way that I love, but it wasn't exhausting. In other words, i felt like I could reach certain points and just want to enjoy what I'd read, rather than pushing forward. There were a few moments where the plot faltered, or seemed to get a bit too "over the top action hero", but all in all, it was a tremendously inspiring and enjoyable book. May we all be so lucky to be protected and defended by this type of loyalty, both from the people we trust to keep us safe, and in the animals we love to be there when we need them. What a great novel....

-- John J. Staughton

Greg Smith (Author)

Though I have been writing for several years I still regard myself as a newbie. But I have been encouraged by the reviews and feedback I have received for my series — an action crime series centered on two characters, Captain Kramer, USMC and his Anatolian Shepherd dog, Sgt. Shadow, USMC. Book One of the series is THE PITS, Book Two is YOU CAN RUN, and Book Three, LEX TALIONIS. The Kramer and Shadow series is an action, adventure, crime thriller series that encompasses the world and has our two Marines fighting hard against organized crime at many levels – but always involving do-or-die confrontations. KILLING SOFTLY (an erotic mystery thriller) was my first attempt at writing and is still available. Currently I am working on a 2-book historical fiction collection I hope to release in 2020.

This new epic series is for you.Let the fight begin.

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