sdcdddThe account of life, living and dealing with temptation, to finding our true self and coming closer to God and the Lord. It is the authors own experiences with others, those who inspired her from a day to day basis pulled from her diary of poetry of the last 15 years. The Poetry Diaries fits the title well.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Samantha Grayson

Wow I love this poetry. I read this book after a week where it seemed that everything had gone wrong. It was just what I needed to read. The words just spoke to me, and helped me to draw closer to God. There is something very special about this book.
It may not be technically the best, but it is what poetry should be. It is something that touches you deep inside you and the words stay with you long after you have read them.

About the Author

Inspirational writer author of the 8 part series in poetry, Shellie Palmer hails from the small town of Hartville just outside of Akron/Canton,Ohio. The small town girl began writing at the age of 15 though not much of a book reader enjoyed writing, story telling was her way of truly expressing herself.Highly active in her church traveled across the states with the youth group attending district conferences and mission trips to giving back across her local community serving Habitat for Humanity. To this day continues to participate and support programs for Haven of Rest, North East Ohio Foundation of Patriotism, the local FISH program and others. Though she was never really outgoing Shellie found ways to break out of her shell working part-time in retail served her well to learning to take risks in her own life participating in plays through out her school years to local Fashion Bug fashion shows in the late 90’s. Despite the challenges of her learning disability Shellie’s strong sense of independence and stubborness would find her continuing to fight the odds of the under achiever who knows of not giving up on her love of music breaking barriers in country music and the writing world. In the late 90’s with the only connection in the music industry, the internet was buzzing of message boards and fan clubs. Shellie’s connection with music fans and the artists themselves thrust herself into the music research of what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry, though she didn’t really consider a career working for artists in the field it would one day serve her well and break the barriers in country music.It was during her college years in which she found herself writing pouring her heart and soul into poetry,lyrics and daily testimonies. In 2002 Shellie began entering her poetry into poetry contests, in the spring that year her original poetry submission of “Free” was recognized and published in Today’s Famous Poems On The Wings Of Pegasus by the Famous Poets Society. Not graduating from college though received some form of education with no regret understood college wasn’t for her. Writing took on life itself was her focus and after 14 years self published her first book The Poetry Diaries in the spring of 2013 with the follow up Life In Color months later. The latest in the series The Journey Ahead was released in March 2014 and is currently working on the fourth in the series. A conservative Christian Shellie makes no apologies for her faith and belief in God it was how she was raised. Now a days you’ll find Shellie Palmer writing and promoting country music,soley and independently through her self made small business Country Music City Promotions who continues to break down those country music walls fueling every fans needs and showcasing the “IT” factor of pure raw talent. Shellie is a continuing NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) participant who’s original lyrics have stepped through the songwriters association since 2011. Shellie’s writing takes readers into the realm of what’s real, honest and to the core. It will have you thinking self provoked questions and life

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