At the age of ten, Lily is forcefully torn from her mother’s arms and sold at a Negro auction by her master, a man that Lily learns that day is her very own father. Seeking solace from such devastation, Lily secretly begins teaching herself to play her new master’s piano: an instrument that she is forbidden from touching. Lily becomes an extraordinary pianist and gets away with secretly playing for fourteen years until the master’s son, James, discovers her deceit. The “punishment” that James gives Lily starts her on an unprecedented journey that dramatically alters her life and influences the lives of thousands, including a man with great power. Lily’s groundbreaking journey also unveils the secret altruistic love of a particular man who has been forbidden from expressing his love to her for years. But the question remains whether or not the strength of his love will be powerful enough to free Lily from the shackles of slavery and protect her dreams and her life while on her turbulent Journey to Winter Garden.
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Londyn Skye is a comical, 39 year old, mother of two, ex all-American collegiate athlete, million mile lady trucker phenom, and a romance novel junkie! She readily admits that her desire to become an author was for a very silly reason: FRUSTRATION! After years of reading romance, she was frustrated by the rarity of intense plots, memorable side characters, emotional depth, and interesting couples in many love stories. As a way to escape life troubles, Londyn began creating stories in the fantasy world of her mind when she was a child. As an adult, her frustrations with the genre of romance lead her to challenge herself to turn her comforting fantasies into a novel that had all of the elements that, in her opinion, were missing from many books. That challenge lead her to write “The Prodigy Slave” trilogy. Wanting the utmost quality for her readers, she has diligently worked to balance the saga with humor, drama, romance, unpredictable plots, and devious neurotic characters that are equally as captivating as the erotic love scenes between the fascinating heroes and heroines. She has painstakingly painted her fantasies with words in a way that she hopes readers will see the images just as beautifully as she does in her own unique mind. Most importantly, she hopes that everyone will feel just as emotionally moved and inspired by the heroes and heroines in her love story as she is.

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