51DF3Mag+XL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The pursuit and acquisition of health and wealth are part of the worldview that drives Singaporean society. It encompasses a strong work ethic in the pursuit to modernise and be a key player in the global economy. Health and wealth are defined in terms of an individual’s well-being in the sense of good health and a continued assurance of material provision and security. This worldview stems from a syncretism with non-Christian religions that have reconceptualised themselves with the socioeconomic and political goals of Singaporean society. Subsequently they continue to be the authentic expression of the noblest longings of people that have become symbiotic with their daily expressions shaping their history and culture.

The book attempts to show that while Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity have played a significant role in the growth of contemporary Singaporean churches, it has inadvertently presented a gospel that appeals to the deeply embedded dominant religious secular worldview of its society in the context of health and wealth.

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About the Author

Gerard Jacobs has been in Christian ministry both in a lay as well as full-time capacity in sectarian and institutional churches made up of predominantly Singaporean Chinese Christians for twenty-eight years. Having completed his postgraduate studies at the Tyndale-Carey Graduate School of Theology, he now resides in New Zealand and ministers as a parish priest in the Anglican Church of the Christchurch diocese.

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