asfIn 2020 the body of a time traveller and his malfunctioning time travel computer from the 22nd century materialise in the apartment of the main character. When the machine is repaired we visit ancient Athens and the newly built Parthenon, meeting Perikles and Aristotle. The Rome of Julius Caesar and the Coliseum in 240 AD. Plus the Troy of Achilles, Hector, Paris and Helen. We also search for Jack the Ripper in the London of the 1880’s finding and naming him. But the focal point of the story concerns the building of the Giza pyramids, learning how, along with their counterparts in Teotihuacan Mexico and Atlantis exactly why and when they were built.
The machines primary task however, is to save the Earth from destruction. Aliens, who have been observing this planet for thousands of years have learnt the Earth will be destroyed by another alien entity in 2156. They visit this planet seeking genuine friendship and trade. Only to be cruelly slaughtered by the military of the oil producing countries. They return in force and without warning destroy the Earth.
Our aliens, in order to save the planet decide against all their teachings to use the time machine to change time and the destiny of human development by making mankind more tolerant, thereby saving the planet. Molecular Pico technology is to be used to fabricate millions of cerebral computers.
The task of producing the computers in sufficient numbers proves to be impossible. And the decision is taken to use an implant instead. The aliens will first introduce a global pandemic. The implants will be hidden in the antidote capsules sent by their home planet. But the numbers of the capsules sent will only be sufficient to save a percentage of the population resulting in two and a half billion humans being culled.
However the survivors are to be offered the choice of living a disease free lifespan of between four to five hundred years.

Extracts from a professional critique done on the book
The very first impression I gained from The Pyramids of Atlantis is that it is a very professionally written and highly competently constructed novel which held my attention literally from first paragraph to last. It has drama, mystery and a sophisticated plot. I found myself reading the book in two sittings which is probably indicative of its quality since it is by no means a short novel. The book as a whole has a great deal to recommend it, not least the carefully conceived and generally well executed plot which I found to be very suitable for the target demographic. Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best books of its type that I have read for some time.
The locations, background and context as well as the more abstract psychological elements represent very specialised environments so it is important that the setting rings true. I would suspect that the author has either carried out a great deal of thorough research or was familiar with the context to an extent already.
To look now at certain specifics, the plot of this work is very good indeed and the author has done well to fashion a credible plot from some situations which could have appeared a little exaggerated (but this can be forgiven in a book of this type where fantasy is reality and vice versa). This is, in part, because the novel is as much character driven as it is narrative driven.

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” Read it..and begin to believe”

Five Star Review on Amazon By colin ward

This is a brilliant read, a time machine of history and intrigue, it is written with humour and pace, and every chapter gets your imagination racing, its the kind of book that once you start, you cant put it down, the pyramids, atlantis, jack the ripper,and alien presence.. they are all there with a clever angle to there plot

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