Jerry Pattinson lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the USA and has just found out that her granny is still alive and kicking in London. Three weeks before Christmas she travels to England to find her.
Martha is travelling home to London from New York after an abortive trip to find her son and his family. She meets up with Jerry and they share the journey to Heathrow.
Tom Wade, works in the city of London. He is persuaded to attend a lost luggage auction at Heathrow Airport and buys a red tartan suitcase, the contents of which will change his life forever.
Can love win out when the main players are on opposite sides of the Atlantic? Is the contents of the red tartan suitcase enough to forge a lasting relationship? An on off romance centered around two Christmases and 1,000’s of miles of ocean.
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Dot Hullah – was born in Darlington, Co Durham, England, in 1954. She qualified as a Teacher in 1977 and has taught in many school around the Darlington Area since that time up until her retirement in 2011. She has always had an interest in telling and writing stories, even at a young age she would entertain her two sisters with tales which,she made up, and whispered under the bed clothes at night when they were supposed to be sleeping. Now that she has three beautiful grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter her story telling is again in great demand.

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