51IwahLaZ4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Regulators: Hell On Earth Part One is basically the story of nine uniquely gifted vigilantes who one by one appear to claim justice where there is none by extracting a very harsh penalty. They join forces when it becomes obvious that they have a common goal. Then a monster called Helloween Jack appears and invites the people of the Earth to a Halloween Party that will end with the end of all mankind unless nine vigilantes, The Regulators, can stop him!

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“Great story! A feel for characters!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Thunda

It was a enjoyment reading this book and seeing the family like function of this group of hero’s! You get a feel of each character and the strings they have attached to each character, almost as if they are real people!

About the Author

Where do I come from and when now that I’ll bet, is a good place to start a BIO and mine started in southwest New Mexico in 1952. Some people where I live now think that makes me a foreigner because they don’t understand that old Mexico and New Mexico are not the same place. But then some people think we still have Indian raids and the US Cavalry out there keeping the peace. As a state, it is the one with the best Mexican food, which is my favorite.

I didn’t attend college until the 90’s which made me a freshman in my 40’s. I actually didn’t intend to go to college and thought of it as a waste of time but a friend suggested it because I had a love for writing and was at the time trying to get published for the first time. She thought I might benefit from some writing classes, I discovered that I liked the atmosphere, had a lot of opportunities to write and in 1997 I graduated from Western New Mexico University in Silver City, New Mexico. The book I was trying to get published at the time is still unpublished, a medieval fantasy called The Infinity Box.

In 2001 I moved to Nebraska and a lot changed for me. In my childhood comic books had the primary focus of my attention but by the 70’s I kind of wandered away and it was that way till I came to rest here in the land of corn fields. You night think that an endless flat covered with farm land would be boring but I found it inspiring, as I did new friends and among this friends was that comic book hero interest again. I started writing stories about established comic book heroes that could have never been published but it was fun. It was so much fun, in fact that creating an entire world of such heroes is where I am now, and on April 1st of 2014 I published a 2 book set, The Regulators: Hell On Earth Parts One and Two.

The thing about publishing the books was I had waited a long time to get there, and I had very little money and couldn’t afford to hire an editor. As a result the books didn’t do well, but I learned a great deal about the business. Along the way I got lucky and met someone who has been a writer for a while and worked as an editor on his own and it was one of the great accidents of my 62 years on Earth. I still have thongs to learn, and there is so much involved in writing and getting published, and then the promotions. Its tough, but its exciting, a very huge thrill. That was what it was like holding my first published work in my hands. Since then I have published a book of short stories titled Safe In My Imagination, and I am set for the re-release of The Regulators: Hell On Earth Part One in a revised edition with a new cover design and the thrill is even bigger.

Hopefully Part Two is past the editing phase and it too will be re-released this year, if all goes well on New Year’s Eve. And after that my goal is to write and publish 6 more Regulators books, and possibly get that way back when first story I wrote published too. Maybe some day I’ll sit down in a theater with the friends who helped me create the Regulators characters and watch a Regulators movie up there on the big screen That is my goal, and why I write, for the thrill of what can be.

Back in the early 70’s I served in the US Navy very briefly, but that didn’t work out long term. I then progressed through a lot of different ideas of what I wanted to do for an employment means of making a living. The list includes laborer on a drilling rig in the foot of the Rockies, technical support agent for Hewlett Packard Computers, 25 years in all phases of the restaurant business, including to assistant managers posititions, landscaping, construction-heavy equipment operator (bulldozer), bartender.

During the 80’s I entertained myself with crazy ideas like forming a heavy metal band and managing a men’s softball team. The music idea could have beebn something to do but the band had too much attitude and we never made it in to our first job.

Writer, that’s the job I want to have and keep, its an adventure without the aches and pains.

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