A plot to disrupt the preparations for D Day, the intention to prolong the war in Europe indefinitely. One unexpected player stands in the way, a thirteen-year-old boy on a personal mission of vengeance.
Set against the background of the Winter of 1944, a U-boat commander abandoned, stricken with a conscience begins a journey to save himself and his crew from becoming the unwitting participants in a war crime.
In the present day, the discovery of the body of a missing German airman in Welsh woodland, then the revelations of a long forgotten diary leads Erich Barton on a trail of mystery and intrigue, attempting to piece together the sinister series of events, the people, and of murders committed on a night in January 1944, which if revealed could resurrect the spectre of a modern day human nightmare with cataclysmic consequences.
A tale of a boy, two men and a German submarine. A story set in war and peace, of an event which officially never happened…