xdddAn old man dies at the precise moment that a child is born, and a bond is forged between them which will last for eternity. Jacob Shaunessy is having vivid dreams of romantic interludes with a captivatingly beautiful woman. She is familiar to him and yet, he can’t find her in his memories. He knows instinctively that the exotic locations, in which the dream scenes are played out, are in the northern tropics of Australia; however, he has never been to that part of the world. The dreams lead him to a small town in Far North Queensland where he and his best mate Mick Dyson are drawn deeper into a dark mystery which reaches back almost 80 years and will plunge them into the depths of revenge and violent death, as the past comes forward in a final attempt to end a deadly vendetta.

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” Loved the Returning”

Five Star Review on Amazon  By Linda Beauvais

This book is a good read. It is interesting from the beginning to the end, very well written. One wonders if a past life can really come back to us in dreams. Personally I defiantly think they can. The author brings us to Australia where mysterious murders happen. The past life dreams give Jacob clues to conflict that seem to have conspire a generation ago. He is compelled to go to North Queensland to discover what these dreams mean. Interesting links to past lives is discoved mixed with a murder intrigue that keeps us guessing. I enjoyed the book and I got to spend a little time traveling and getting a feel for of Australia. Excellent.

About the Author

Hello readers, thank you for taking the time to read my bio. Just a little about myself. There’s more on my website http://russellperry.com.au/

I was born in the tropics of North Queensland, Australia, in the small coastal town of Innisfail, just south of Cairns. Warm, Sunny, a lot of rain in the monsoon season. But what a great place to grow up. Idyllic; swimming and diving on the reef, fishing, and exploring the plethora of creeks and rivers which gurgle through the ancient rain forests of the far north.
I worked in Marketing and Sales for most of my adult life, moving to the State Capital, Brisbane, as a young adult, to further my career, and I continue to live there today.
I still do a bit of marketing, mostly web based these days. However I’m now devoting more and more time to my love of writing stories.
Always an avid reader of fiction, I enjoy many genres, from Historical and Family Sagas to Fantasy and Science Fiction.
My favorite authors, over the years, have been as varied as Bryce Courtenay and Wilbur Smith, to Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and it is in a similar genre to the latter, that my first offerings are written. Although I have an historical saga on the drawing board, and I’m currently trying my hand at an MG Fiction story for my Grandson.
I have a new joy in my life these days, and I will write for ever.
Please try my first offerings, The Returning Series of books. I’ve published two so far and the characters are urging me to be let out for another run. Who knows how many there are to come.
If you come back for more you will help this author to live his dream.

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