The Scopas Factor

Vincent Panettiere writes a deep, engaging mystery with plenty of twists and turns in “The Scopas Factor”.
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Book Description:

A Hmong “story cloth,” a Revolutionary War battle flag, forged Picassos and a Russian drug dealer―finding the link between these disparate elements is the challenge Mike Hegan faces in The Scopas Factor, the latest mystery from Vincent Panettiere.After his last investigation ends tragically, Detective Mike Hegan returns to Chicago from St. Kitts, hoping to put everything behind him. But his girlfriend, Diana, has other plans, and although he has no interest in the job opportunity she presents him―in a small northern California town, no less―he wants to please her. Upon his arrival in Weedley, he’s caught up in a kidnapping and two murders. A visit to Diana’s family in San Francisco only serves to deepen the mystery, as her father might be the link to a gang of antiquities thieves that might have something to do with the crimes in Weedley. And when Diana’s father disappears, Hegan takes off for Antibes in southern France, where he discovers that the mystery has only just begun.
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The Scopas Factor was a book that a friend recommended to me. I love mystery/suspense books and this one didn't let me down. There were so many things that I enjoyed, I'm not sure where to start so I'll just tick off what I like in a book. First, the characters... they felt real, developed, and not your cookie cutter characters (even the minor roles). Next, the story line itself... it isn't always easy to follow along, because so much is going on and obviously you have to keep some clues in your mind as you go through the story. Finally, the dialogue in the story is brilliant! There are many times where it feels as though I'm reading a movie script or play and can easily visualize the conversations between the characters. Bottom line, this book is fantastic, there are so many things to love about it. Looking forward to more from this author. ☺

-- Courtney Hudson

Vincent Panettiere (Author)

“The Scopas Factor” is the third novel written by Vincent Panettiere. Previously he wrote the critically-acclaimed and award-winning “These Thy Gifts.” It earned 5 stars from Reader’s Favorite, second place in Literary and Contemporary Fiction from CIPA, and the Reviewers’ Choice Award in General Fiction/Novels. His first novel was “A Woman to Blame” which featured Detective Mike Hegan, who reappears in Scopas. He has also written “The Internet Financing Illusion,” a nonfiction account of the dark side of the Internet.

Vincent Panettiere writes a deep, engaging mystery with plenty of twists and turns in “The Scopas Factor”.

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