Isabel “Izzy” LaDuke has never killed anything scarier than a spider, but suddenly her botched pursuit has thrust her into a fight with an honest-to-goodness cattle-stealing monster.

Izzy is just trying to find out who is stealing her family’s cows. She has no magic powers or special skills, and she’s a rotten shot with a bow and arrow, but she’s braver than anyone, and that, in her opinion, makes her the best girl for the job. When Izzy finally finds her monster, she is transported from her family’s farm to the home of the Behemorphs, shape-shifting Giants who live in the SkyWorld above the clouds. To find her way home, she will have to team up with the very monster (he calls himself Boone) she has been hunting.

As the two confront terrifying creatures and deadly enemies, Izzy will learn a lot about Boone–and she’ll discover her own incredible potential.
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About the Author

Pamela Hartley began writing at the age of 5 constructing her first book from cardboard and crayons. Although her creation, A Horse Called Nonsense, never became a best seller, her love for captivating stories continued into her 30+ years as an educator. She’s authored two books, Dough For It (recipes for slime, gook, and glop using nontraditional ingredients), and The Dirty Thirty: 30 Science Experiments to Try in the Tub. Pamela is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching which afforded her a visit to the White House to meet the First Lady, Laura Bush, and pet the First Dog, Barney. When Pamela isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys walking with her husband, traveling with her children, and playing with her adorable grandchildren.

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