A lonely young man finds the love and happiness he has always been denied whilst on holiday in North Devon, England in 1963. She is a beautiful older woman, originally from Delhi, India.

Unhappy and worn down by the cruel and often brutal treatment she receives in England, these two unhappy souls reach out to one another. The love they feel is considered wrong in the eyes of the world, but they are drawn by an overwhelming passion they cannot deny.

Encountering racial hatred and disgust at their association, but also kindness and understanding from some, they find a love nest where they cling desperately to each other for as long as they can.

Will these two people from very different cultures be able to live out their dreams of happiness, or will they be parted forever?

The Second Bench is a sensitive and moving romance, showing the social undertones of fifty years ago.

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How sad love can be”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mrs R J Fouracres

A lovely story, touching and sad. I felt for these two people, born in the wrong time. It was very sexy. Which I thought was appropriate for two young people so in love.

About the Author

About the Author:
First-time author Charles Rose is retired and a lifelong resident of Bristol, England.

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