The Second Coming of Christ: A Closer Inspection of the Olivet Discourse passages in Matthew by Bryan Turner

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Have you often struggled to understand the Olivet Discourse and its true meaning? Students of the scriptures have come up with a variety of scenarios to explain Christ’s words in this text, yet many of them still come away disillusioned. Bryan Turner will take you on a journey to link together the passages of the Olivet discourse, and connect the many Old Testament scriptures related to it. You will better understand the 70 weeks of Daniel and its impact on the discourse, as well as how Zechariah 12 -14 fits into Matthew’s account. The author offers insight into questions that may have haunted the reader, such as; “does the term ‘this generation’ refer to the people who first heard the discourse, or is it people in the future?” Many other questions are answered, and a timeline is given from Daniel’s 70 weeks in relation to the Second coming. In this decisive work, you will understand that moment that the “birth pains” of the tribulation begin, and when the Abomination of Desolation begins. You will be able to understand how the book of Revelation dovetail’s with Matthew’s discourse and this will further solidify your ability to understand eschatology. The author writes eloquently, yet pointedly so that the reader comes away with a better grasp of Christs’ Second coming, the “day and hour that no one knows.”
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