41b8xv8KYHL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This is not your grandmother’s fairy tale.

A fantasy novel that turns the genre on its head, “The Seeds” follows Trooper Angus Mayweather as he is thrust into the conflict faced by twin sisters Dartura & Varia, Generals of the Tarol Nation.
Most Tarols believe that the Seeds provide the life force to all life on Etai, but this isn’t entirely true.
When Dartura has physical contact with them, the balance of life becomes corrupted, with disastrous consequences for her, her sister and the life of the people she is sworn to protect.
As the sisters uncover a new threat from an old enemy,and the shadowy puppet master behind him, Angus must do what he can to help as the Tarol Nation faces all-out war.
Unique in its depiction of strong female lead characters, The Seeds portrays young women beyond the traditional “damsel-in-distress” and “superhero-with-a-heart” roles, providing glimpses into the dynamics of family, sibling rivalry, duty and honor.
Half as high as a gladiola stalk, Tarols live, love, fight and die in a realm that could take place in your own back yard.
And the bats.
The bats don’t like them much.

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“The Seeds by Jeff Davis”

Five Star Review on Amazon By heyam nesh

Excellent read! Very creative and imaginative. Worthwhile purchase and a wonderful way to spend some free time. Looking forward to more work by this author.

About the Author

Jeff Davis has worked with some of the finest high technology teams in the business, and has delivered to some of the world’s most recognizable companies the high quality graphics, multimedia and print materials they demand, all over the world. IBM, Cable & Wireless, Target, Carrier and many more companies have experienced the benefits of Jeff’s artistic vision and solid work ethic.
He majored in art and design throughout his education years, and continues to regard himself as a student of the history and reinvention of popular culture.

As an author, Jeff hopes to bring his unique ideas to life in this medium.

A visitor to his studio office will be treated to the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush and traditional Celtic music. Jeff resides an hour north of Manhattan, N.Y. with his wife and two children.

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