The Selling Revolution

This fast-moving, fact-based book gives you the tools you need to sell and succeed in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Is Artificial Intelligence coming for your sales job?

Are you concerned about the coming threat from artificial intelligence (AI) that will disrupt the sales profession?

Are you ready to learn how you can meet the challenge of the automation threat fueled by advanced technologies?

In this insightful and action-oriented book, DJ Sebastian warns about the upcoming revolution in selling, then describes the proven strategies and approaches that business-to-business sales professionals can quickly adopt to help them prosper in this new world.

In The Selling Revolution, you will find:

  • Details about the emerging AI technology trends that will dramatically transform the future careers of sales professionals
  • Real-world examples collected from countless successful sales professionals
  • The personal traits, selling skills & techniques you need to become an “Authentic Expert” to overcome the threat from Artificial Intelligence
  • How you can help your customers buy – by integrating their buying process with the way you sell
  • Seven sales strategies to lead your sales cycles so you play a vital role in every customer interaction, from telemarketing through negotiation
  • An innovative approach to create and deliver powerful sales presentations your customer will remember and motivates them to take action.

The Selling Revolution equips you with the strategies needed to build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

The Selling Revolution helps you create a compelling business value proposition that uniquely positions you as the preferred solution provider.

The Selling Revolution enables you to win more business and help you advance to elite sales performance.

If you are an experienced sales professional looking for a few new ideas to sharpen your approachthen read this book.

If you are newer to the sales profession and looking for guidance that will help you learn the best practices needed to master your craftthen read this book.

Either way, the ideas and strategies detailed in this book will enable you to achieve even greater personal success in your career.

Don’t wait. Start preparing for the selling revolution now.

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