“I found out that having an orgasm released the feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin, which make you feel happy – if only for a while.”

Maybe I should see a therapist, I thought to myself, and get some help to deal with my emotions? But no, it would only leave me with empty pockets and none the happier. No, this is better, sex is good, sex is safe.

When Emma, at 35, wants children, her boyfriend Noah is not ready, they break up, and he leaves. She is left with a broken heart and an empty bed.

At first, she tries to heal herself through drinking and overeating, but when this does not work, she turns to her old friend sex.

Emma’s path towards more self-love is without shame and prejudice. Her secret life sets her on a path to self-awareness, and her future freedom lies behind the door of the exclusive private club: The Fanny Hillside Club.

Emma keeps this part of her life to herself.

I decided not to tell my friends about my new life. For them, sex should also include love and romance, and they would not understand.

Emma feels good and almost happy. But can sex really heal a broken heart?

A riveting and raunchy read which is sure to inspire readers to rethink notions on sex and love.