The Shade of Highfall

by – Mark O’Dell (Author)

 The tale of Shrew

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Book Description:

An eternal darkness is coming to the world. So say the drug-crazed cult, whose file-toothed adherents proclaim the ramblings of a madman and who journey to the ancient city of Highfall to release their god – the Master of Shades.
At this time, a young woman emerges from out of Highfall’s slums, known only as Shrew, who must steal to stay alive.
Capture is inevitable, and Shrew is forced into servitude and made to work in the sewers, where she stumbles upon a dagger containing the spirit of a legendary fey woman. A bond forms between them, and Shrew sees an opportunity to escape and improve her lowly existence – but the spirit has another plan.
Meanwhile, the Master of Shades stirs in his confinement and the darkness edges ever closer.
This is the tale of Shrew, her struggle to discover her past and her unwitting involvement in a race to prevent an ancient evil from consuming the world.

Reviews for the Book

This story begins in the Duns in Highfall, a city built by the Sylvan Fey but occupied by human beings. The book depicts the story of Shrew an orphan girl from the Duns, who was captured and taken to Low Reach where she was forced into a world of illegal activities, hostility and torment. While attempting to evade her captors in the catacombs beneath the city, she stumbles upon an artifact which gives her magical powers. This is also the place where she first comes face to face with one of the undead creatures she must battle to save Highfall. It is within these catacombs she finds out about the Guild of Thieves and came to know her new mentor, Waylan. With Waylan’s guidance, Shrew learnt the secrets of the Everdark, the mastery of fighting and alchemy. Her cunning and magical abilities is what ultimately leads to her being trained for a war waged by the priests of the void, commanders of the army of the undead. The author, Mark O'Dell, has managed to create one of the most captivating storylines with The Shade of Highfall: Tale of Shrew. The author draws you into the main character's life and keeps you on the edge of your seat as he provides a refreshing twist to adventure, war and magic.
This novel was exciting from beginning through to the end. The tale of Shrew is an original piece of work which is truly refreshing. The characters, the scenery, everything was vivid and came to life in this storyline. I truly enjoyed this book and have nothing bad to say about it, everything was masterfully done and executed with this publication.
Overall, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because of its brilliance and the ability of the author to maintain the suspense in writing this spectacular piece of work. This book is pure adrenaline for lovers of fantasy novels.
 - Basil Liksixty

About the Author: Mark O’Dell

Mark O’Dell was born in Great Yarmouth on the east coast ofEngland. Following military service and education at various universities, he now works as a scientist in a leading science and engineering company.

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