This tale, which follows the Unicorn Gate, is the 2nd book in Iona’s Lumenor series, featuring the adventures of Toby Malone and Daisy Evans.

Five important magical artefacts are about to be revealed to the Order of Lumen at the same time as Maxwell Delano’s heir, Hugo Shade, comes out of hiding. Toby Malone and Daisy Evans return to help their old friend Gabriel prevent the five Treasures of Lumenor from falling into the wrong hands. The survival of both the Greenway ancestral line and the intended destiny of Lumenor itself, are threatened by black light from Shade’s renewed connection to the Dark Star.
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About the Author

Inspired by landscapes in my own childhood, I walked and explored the countryside around my home in a Yorkshire mining village. The natural world has always drawn me into its mysteries and fired my imagination. I also love travelling, languages, books, myths, legends, folk tales, music, art, walking labyrinths and facilitating labyrinth walks for others, studying and practicing mindfulness, sacred places, the possibilities offered by doorways and the magical hours of dawn and twilight, those mysterious in between times which are neither day nor night.

During my career in London as a counsellor/ psychotherapist, I was privileged to be a travelling companion for a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all on their own quests through the shadow and light of complex inner landscapes. My clients were a mixture of children, young people and adults, all heroes in their own stories, often displaying astonishing courage in challenging personal circumstances.

Much of my creative impulse still flows from that connection to the natural world, which developed during my youth and today, I find myself powerfully influenced by the countryside in Wales where I now live. There is a wealth of inspiration in the histories, legends and folk tales of these Celtic landscapes, which are more than likely sensing some kind of resonance with the Irish ancestry on my father’s side. I enjoy writing for both children and adults, finding doorways, discovering paths and walking new landscapes, both at home and abroad, in whatever direction.

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