The Shifty Servants by Maria Christine

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Book Description

Ava, Simone, and Cosette are the queen’s most trusted and loyal servants. Their days and nights are pretty routine: serve the queen’s every whim, and seek evidence of her possible romance with a formidable king. Late one night, however, terrible news arrives at the castle. News that will take the servants out of their element and lead them to a danger that will test their fealty, deftness, and courage. Seemingly for them, it’s all in a day’s work. -Strong women, medieval times, light romance, racial variety.
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About the Author

Welcome to my author page. Forthcoming titles will be added as they become available. The next is the long-awaited sequel to Her Eternal Love, entitled Agramon. I am excited to announce that these two books, along with a third book, Parallel, are now a part of the Realm of Shadows series. I am truly looking forward to the publication of the latter two books and the covers will be released very soon.

I love/live to write. As I posted somewhere before, my subconscious is an amalgam of other realms, characters, and fantasies. I write to give them life, and myself relief. There’s a constant chaos in there, but there is definitely a rhythm to it… one that I truly enjoy. I have four awesome children, and unschooled (homeschooled) them all. Two are in college and two are still young enough to teach me something new every day from home. I love baseball, medieval lore, anything Tolkien, Dark Shadows and old westerns. I also love to travel, and enjoy medieval art and creative tattoos. I own a couple of small businesses and have gone back to school – again. I’m a super-multi-tasker and wouldn’t have it any other way. And did I mention that I’m a major Undertaker and AC/DC fan? Rock on.

Maria Christine is passionate about dark and medieval fantasy, and loves to write about ominous anti-heroes and empowering heroines. Her favorite things are rainforests, dark castles, thunderstorms, Irish crème, and MOPAR muscle.

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