51cAqwQkrTL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Thinking is a complex business. This uplifting collection of short stories, author Rudy Lopez explores the issues of life,reality, romance, friendships and the spiritual through a poets perspective.

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“Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Adam Miller

Rudy writes from the conscience of his heart.

About the Author

Currently promoting my e-books, Positive Romance and The Sidewalk Prophet, at Links below dealing with issues about life, reality, romance, friendships, and the spiritual through a poets perspective. Read/buy here

Born in San Antonio; Texas. Lives in Dallas, Texas. Attended St. Mary’s University with studies in creative writing, Literature, philosophy, theology and engineering science.

Most of my short stories contain heavy messages but not preachy about life, reality and relationships in positive or negative situations. Enjoy, leave comment, share, like/dislike, relate at g+ below or one of the other links.

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