avgedghrhnfnfgThis is the lifelong violence and brilliant hero-making of the 5th century AD, and in the aftermath of a great battle between British and Saxon forces, one young warrior, Prince Bedwyr the Fox, searches the battlefield for his lost foster-brother, Arthur, the powerful young son of Uthyr Pendragon. Here amidst the dead and dying, Bedwyr begins his epic narrative of The Silurian.

In Book 1: ‘The Fox and the Bear’, Arthur, at age fifteen, was the winner of the battle, seizing the day from his own supreme commander, Ambrosius Aurelianus. This battle win causes Arthur’s father to formally reject his son, through fear of Arthur’s growing power. Arthur now begin his rise to take full control of Britain’s armies with the aid of his first cousin, Medraut, the son of Lot, Uthyr’s younger brother.

Yet Arthur’s rise becomes Bedwyr’s greatest challenge, and the Fox’s life begins a downward slide into rebellion, and he leaves on a lone path of confusion to fight his inner demons, to find who he really is as his greatest friend and foster-brother rises higher and higher—high enough to face his own father, Uthyr, in battle for the right to fly the Red Dragon banner of the Pendragon Warlords.

Arthur’s battles will one day make Bedwyr the Fox a hero, if only he can stand firm as Arthur’s first man, his shield-bearer and brother-in-arms; stand to tell the tale of The Silurian in his own passionate words.

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“KIng Arthur liberated from Camelot”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mary Josefina Cade

L.A.Wilson has achieved the impossible and given new life to King Arthur. Farewell to the golden haired middle manager conducting a team meeting and trying to be good, noble and ‘nice’. Here is Arthur the Silurian with ‘thick straight black hair and ebony-black eyes’, emerging from the darkness of a bitter childhood to win his first battle at the age of fifteen.
This book is the first in a series which tell the story of the last defence of Britain against the invading Saxons, and of the attempt to preserve the old gods from the ‘misery and sin and guilt’ brought by missionary Christians.
The books are narrated by Arthur’s foster brother Bedwyr, Prince of Gwynedd ‘though I always preferred to be called the Fox, the name Arthur had given me when we were boys.I was the Fox and he was the Bear.’ It is the Fox’s love that helps Arthur to survive the cruelty of his abusive father Uthyr. I was completely drawn into this book by the passion and intensity of Bedwyr’s words. He gives us the truth of his life – incredible courage, wild rebellion, the horrible intimacy of killing another person in battle, deep suffering, sexual passion and love. For me love is the power of this book, and the following books. The love between Arthur and Bedwyr, love between fellow warriors facing death on the battlefield, love between parent and child, and sexual love unrestricted by gender.’Love those you are with while you live, and have no care for those who judge you, for the judges do not have to live your life.’
L.A. Wilson is now my favourite author – an artist and a poet.

About the Author

Avant garde, independent author of ‘The Silurian’ series. 7 Books.
That Challenges the conventional Arthurian genre novel.
Imaginative creative writer, iconoclastic, ever seeking to break the mould of mass produced and formulaic novel construction.

The final book of The Silurian series is called, Last Man to Avalon, and is still a work in progress: probable publishing date sometime in 2016.

The Silurian books have been amalgamated into 7 books. Book 8, Last Man to Avalon.
More information about The Silurian books at http://www.pearltrees.com/lawilson – or meadswilsonla@gmail.com

L.A. Wilson also writes as Linda A Weir: “Son of the Sun”, “In Blood Covenant” and “Jury’s Creation”.

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