The Silver Woman of Fire

by – Elizabeth Upton (Author)

“Has Been Awarded A 5-Star Reader’s Favorite Editorial Review In 2022”

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Book Description:

“Has Been Awarded A 5-Star Reader’s Favorite Editorial Review In 2022”

In this book, Elizabeth Upton has written a collection of insights that are simple and profound.

They lead the reader to stop and ponder, sit, and reflect. “Being Real,” “Life Needs Fixing,” and “Bored to Death,” among other chapters, tell us “It is always time to Gather Your Nerve and Live.” She tells us: “Listen and pause to the life of your mind. Listen and pause to your heart beating in your body with your every step, that offers you a deeper understanding of who you are.

”Among Upton’s defining life experiences, she was a nun in a convent for twenty years and also conquered a mysterious disease twice. A deep, abiding compassion gives the author the ability to walk with the reader during our most challenging experiences.”

Reviews for the Book

My friend gifted me a copy of this e-book...
I began reading as the author gives us a little DARE within this beautifully written book.
A dare and journey of self-discovery to become who we are as women more authentically and genuinely is the only way I can explain what I have just read. She inspires and motivates you, makes you dig deep, and shares how to gather your nerve to enjoy the bounty and bliss 'LIFE' offers each of us.
By reading the prose, stop and FEEL as she guides you through the book, you will feel the serenity and positive flow wash over you with a true awakening of self-care, self-love, and empowerment you didn't know you had inside you, seriously.
I highly, highly recommend this book to all women to read. - Cat Is An Avid Reader.

About the Author: Elizabeth Upton

Elizabeth Upton is a best-selling American author and influential writer of gripping fiction and inspiring self-help non-fiction books.

Her best-selling books, ‘Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story,’ ‘The Silver Woman of Fire’ and the newest ‘The Healing Swords of Love and Innocence’ helped set her firmly within the world’s literary map. With many novels to her credit, her new book in June 2022 is titled ‘Lovers’ Secrets and Revenge,’ a gripping thriller, Elizabeth’s favorite she enjoyed writing was ‘The Shaman and The Mafia,’ as she shares, “The creation of this story has been an exciting journey. If possible, I would love to meet all of the characters in this book in real life.” The author’s non-fiction books and novels are available on Amazon, and Amazon Kindle while featured on fine literary book sites and magazines.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., until the age of sixteen, when she entered a New York State Convent and became a nun for twenty years, but she yearned for a more authentic spiritual life. Elizabeth left the convent and chose to attend and receive her B.A. from Syracuse University. Moving back to her native state of California, she attended and received her M.A. from Chapman University in psychology. The Author began working for over thirty years in family counseling as a social worker and probation officer working with troubled teens and abused children. She is a speaker, spiritual mentor, and advisor.

Elizabeth is happily married and enjoys writing books for her reader fans around the world. When the Author is not writing, she works out with a personal trainer to stay fit and healthy; she loves spending time on long walks on the beach with her husband and dog. Her favorite colors are blue, green, and gold. She enjoys reading good books by some of her favorite authors like Geraldine Brooks, Hanh, Jerry Archer, Joseph Murphy, and Michael Connelly. Elizabeth and her husband reside in Santa Barbara, California.

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