The Single Ladies’ Commandments by Jasmine Jones

Imagine having the power and wisdom to embrace your life’s learned lessons. What better way to make your imagination a reality than through music? From this 90-day devotional, you will learn to engage your interest and love for music while embracing the love of God in your life and enhancing your spiritual journey.

This book inhabits daily illustrations of four commandments inviting you to take ownership of your own love life, rectify your own healing, and make the conscious choice to live in complete freedom and on purpose.

Like many women, the author would often question God for her countless and painful love loss experiences. She wondered why she couldn’t meet and marry her high school sweetheart, or even a college sweetheart, like her friends? What she didn’t know was that the pain intended to destroy her, God was turning it around for her good. Thus, was birthed the first installment in The Commandments Series, The Single Ladies’ Commandments: Songs for Love, Healing, Freedom, and Purpose, a book based on her testimony, summed up in 90 days to save the lives of so many women facing the same challenges and seeking to overcome them. If God can do it for her, He can do it for you, Single Ladies.
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“This book is HEAVEN SENT!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gillian Amritt

I’m truly impressed with this book, I won it at a book signing for a singles mingles event. This book has been a part of my healing out of a previous relationship. Also a great reminder of who I am in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it for all young ladies. Wonderful book, and it worth every penny.

About the Author

Author of The Commandments Series, Jasmine Jones bridges the gap between contemporary music and biblical scripture in The Single Ladies’ Commandments: Songs for Love, Healing, Freedom, and Purpose and The Gentlemen’s Commandments: Songs for Love, Healing, Freedom, and Purpose. In her short story, “911” Emergency Crisis: The Day I Lost My Mind, Literally, Jasmine vividly shares her transparent testimony of becoming an author and chief executive visionary of J Squared Productions, a business solutions company that cultivates an engineering approach to book publishing, marketing, and product development.

An engineer from Detroit, Michigan, Jasmine earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Operations Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with summa cum laude and honors from Lawrence Technological University and a Master’s in Engineering Management from the Pennsylvania State University.

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