Sink or Swim? You can’t always choose.

Brought up in an aspiring Jackson 5 family, Roslyn lived in a small southern town with big dreams, an even bigger personality, and the perfect plan for a storybook life that included a fairytale love. When her lucky number, twenty-three, becomes more misery than magic, she endures the weight of perfection—hoping to mask the shadows of fear and failure. Nearly losing everything, including her own life, she lets go of her inner control freak to find God . . . until life seems too perfect again.

Ten years later, when history begins to repeat itself, Roslyn learns that embracing a forgotten past and ditching the perfect girl will help her navigate through the biggest mistake of her life—to the life that God had planned all along.

Witty and raw, The Sink before the Swim is a journey of discovery about faith, love, purpose, and the “because” behind why bad things happen to good people.
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“A great captivating read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Catherine

A great captivating read! It is sure to enhance your faith in who God created you to be while simultaneously fortifying your relationship with Him. Activate the authority you’ve been given, It’s time to SWIM.

About the Author

Dr. Roslyn L. Ashford was born in Mississippi and makes her home in the southern US with her two children. She is a true optimist with a passion for mentoring youth and empowering people to manifest their dreams. Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe. She is an associate publisher on the staff of Faith-Filled Family Magazine and a member of the Atlanta Writers Club.

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