Four mind-melting sci-fi short stories with the obligatory Aaron David humour.
Moon 2. Being rich is fantastic! Don’t let anyone tell you any different; There are downsides; you can relax on a sun kissed Malibu beach being served Tequila Mockingbirds, not a care in the world but sometimes it’s uncomfortably warm. Bits of sand stick to your glass, a dog may come sniffing around you, kids make noises… Imagine building a second Earth; one with a controlled climate well away from earthbound riffraff, just for the rich.
Hughes the Rocket. When Emlyn Hughes (named after the footballer but not related) saw the Challenger disaster on the TV he became obsessed with going into space. But why?
One Small Step. The first manned mission to Mars. What could possibly go wrong?
The Big Unchill. 2099; the decision is finally made to defrost all the cryogenically frozen millionaires
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About the Author

Name: Aaron David.
Age: The wrong side of forty.
Location: Bolton, the north of England.
Occupation: Tradesman and brilliant novelist. The book is on a trial price at the moment and will probably increase shortly

My second novel; “All the Loft Insulation You can Eat” is on it’s way but don’t hold your breath.

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