A sleepy little flower waits beneath the Earth for the sunto wake her up. Every spring she’ll yawn and stretch and return to the sunshineonce more. Through summer fun and the cool days of autumn, the sleepy flowergrows and changes as she discovers the beauty of nature. When the air getschilly and winter winds begin to blow, the sleepy flower will return to thewarmth of the Earth and start all over again…

The journey of a flower through theseasons comes to life in full color in TheSleeping Flower. Filled with bright, colorful pictures and adorablecharacters, The Sleeping Flower is asweet story of the beauty of nature and the joys of each season. Follow alongwith the sleepy little flower as she discovers the wonder of the world aroundher and grab your copy today!
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About the Author

Erin Mackey currently lives in Martinsburg, WV, with her husband. Erin worked as a nurse for 13 years, including Pediatric Nursing, and obtained a B.S. in Forensics. She currently works as a Systems Analyst with Wells Fargo and enjoys spending time with her family, including her nieces and nephew: Emily, Kate, Morgan, and Gabe who she says are her inspiration for writing children’s books. She is continuing to write books in the Laurel Hill Series as well as picture books and a new Young Adult mystery/crime series.

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