The Slow ‘Grey Fox’ Jumps Over The QueaZy Package Tourists.

This was a journey through space and time to re-find his father, 60 years after his first voyage to Cape Town on the 'Winchester Castle' in 1948.
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Book Description:

This is an unabridged diary kept by actor/writer/director Roger Worrod from January to March 2008, when he was the only passenger on the ‘Grey Fox’, a 192m-long mixed-cargo boat, from Belgium to South Africa, around South Africa by train and return trip with the ‘Grey Fox’ to the Netherlands and on to Switzerland. This was a journey through space and time to re-find his father, 60 years after his first voyage to Cape Town on the ‘Winchester Castle’ in 1948.

Roger Worrod (Author)
Roger Worrod was born in Coventry (UK) in April 1939. When the family was evacuated in WWII, he attended the village school in Burghead (Morayshire, Scotland), where his father was working on the Whitley bombers stationed at Lossiemouth. Back in Coventry, Worrod passed the 11+ and went on to Bablake School, Coventry. After training as an industrial chemist, he followed his first love, theatre, and won a place at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London). His career has been varied and wide-ranging: acting extensively in the theatre in the UK, where he was also Director of “Shakespeare Today” and “Modern Theatre Group”, before moving to Italy in 1968, where he performed and dubbed many films into English and Italian; filming in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and France; providing voices in a wide variety of English, American, Irish, Scots, Australian and South African, as well as in Italian, French & German. He co-founded and was Director of “Florence Rep” theatre in Florence, Italy, which he partly funded through his own “School Of Spoken English”. Now resident in Switzerland, he holds Swiss and British passports. Behind the camera as director/writer/narrator: “Destination Malta”; “Gozo, Calypso’s Island”; “The BirguFest”; “Valletta & The Three Cities”. And both sides of the camera in “Zimmerman of Zed Group”, a management training film. Recently on screen: “The Club” for Swiss Expo and “Lost in Geneva 2012”. Can also be seen as the “Bruder” in the re-edition of Ken Russell’s masterpiece “Delius – Song of Summer”. As a writer-narrator he has worked on nearly 3,000 audio-visual productions. At present, while continuing to work as an actor and recording AudioBooks, he is developing his own documentary series: “On The Trail Of An Old Pony-Tail”(c). On stage, his first one-man-show of Dylan Thomas’ masterpiece “Under Milk Wood”, in 1978 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first performance of the play and of Thomas’ death. But there is now a revolutionary new 3D Surround Sound version available – where legally possible, in total darkness! A FREE Download is available on YouTube(c) – a tribute for Thomas’ centenary. MEMBER: British Actors’ Equity, S.c.a.m. France (Société civile des auteurs multimédia), Mitil, Switzerland (International Market for Independent & Local Broadcasters), IFoLT, Slovakia (Foundation Board Member of the ‘International Festival of Local Television’).
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