51S0BPQ5v1L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_A ginger haired knockout, respected in D.C. for her intellect and tenacity, uncovers the deadly secret of a covert division buried deep in a major insurance company. Delbert Burroughs, chairman of Delaware General, fights to keep The Socratic Contract a stealth solution to a timely dilemma in today’s world of boomers and those who will care for them.

Washington intrigue laced with lobbyists, aggressive Federal appointees, and Congressional oversight – culminating in presidential intervention – pits the power of a billionaire’s political capital against Merritt Royce, the Administration’s senior policy official for healthcare.

Merritt’s journey in this fast paced investigative mystery snaps her through gut twisting stress as she strives for success in Washington, D.C., finds love scorched with betrayal, and is forced to choose – to do the right thing, or something less.

Or, perhaps, there’s a way to win it all…

A political thriller by D C Russell based in Washington, Aspen, Dover and Melbourne

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About the Author

Author, biker, conservative, animal lover – healthcare wonk, previously President and COO at ACI Worldwide, Reagan appointee, US Senate staff.

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