The Song In My Head – Songwriter Journal by Kathy Brown & Jean Michel ‘Kiki’ Aublette

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Book Description

Written by professional musicians based in London, UK who have achieved commercial songwriting success of their own, this songwriting journal is designed for fellow songwriters and composers, or anyone interested in how to write songs, musicians, kids, creatives, music students and music teachers, or for those just seeking the perfect songwriter gift for the singers, lyricists and musicians in their life.

This versatile and lovingly designed songwriting notebook by The Song In My Head Ltd, It has plenty of space for creativity, as well as including technical guidance on the art of songwriting itself.
Additional contents inside the songwriting book:
  • The Anatomy Of A Song
  • Creative tips to stimulate inspiration
  • Guitar chord pointers
  • Harmony help
  • Inspiring artist quotes.
  • (See author page for a trailer video of the Songwriter Journal contents).
Why a physical journal and not an app? Because writing by hand forces the brain to slow down, which allows for deeper and expanded engagement with your creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Lightweight and the perfect size for carrying: 9.25 by 7.5 inches, the songwriter journal has 120 interior pages in total.

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About the Author

This journal is the result of a collaboration between British and French musicians Kathy Brown and Kiki Aublette. Both are composers and multi-instrumentalists who share a love of music creation, with Kiki’s versatile musical talents also matched by a proficiency with studio technology. Writing and producing in London, they have produced an extensive portfolio of instrumental music and songs across a wide range of genres that have gone on to have commercial success and sync deals.

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