The Sparrow Family

by – Sharon Moore (Author)

Meet the Sparrow family. 

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Book Description:

Meet the Sparrow family. Watch them grow up and arrive at the most important moment of their life: learning to fly. Facing their fears, the chicks leave the nest on a wing and a prayer and imitate Mom and Dad.

Reviews for the Book

I just love and appreciate this book from Author Moore. I love it. What grabbed my attention first were the stunning illustrations, they just drew me in. That coupled with the style of Moore's writing produced a very calming and peaceful effect. For this reason The Sparrow Family makes a wonderful bedtime story for children and the theme, 'Family' is o so special. It allows us to appreciate each member of our own family and the vital role each member plays in the journey towards destiny. It's a journey wrapped in truth and wrapped in love, that's family. - Señora BROOME (Sra)

About the Author: Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore loves to share her message of fun and faith, through the creative arts. Writing poetry, books for children, painting nature, and playing her violin/fiddle are part of her creative arts outreach. Her heart’s desire is to share that passion and encourage others to discover their own creative arts talent.

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