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It’s finally time.  It’s the day I had been waiting for, for the last eight years.  I was finally holding my father’s worn, leather bound journal that documented the fall of the world into its current utopian state but slowly I see it turning into the dark, gritty, desolate dystopic state of totalitarianism.

“Our world is not what it seems.  While other parts we know exist are in utter chaos and have fallen into a dystopic era, our government has managed to sustain us in a more refined and resolute way.  We’re one of the few places on earth that have managed to hold onto utopian laws.  Where other places which seem to be worlds within worlds, have bred diseases and government overthrows, wickedness, war amongst one another and poverty; The Sphere, governs what the world used to call Los Angeles, before the world fell.  Our leaders worked quickly to put up the walls around the city, to keep what is good, safe inside, and the bad locked out.  Despite this, I feel something brewing within our city walls amidst the politicians and a few of the Sectors.  It’s hard to tune out people who are worried about a government takeover.  Typically, all eyes are on the Insurgents from Zone 8.  They’re called the Rebels.  My gut tells me that those who are whispering are wrong about Zone 8.  Every fiber in my being is telling me they’ll be the heroes in the end.  But my gut has been wrong before.  It once convinced me that I should eat mud in the place of mustard on my burger.


“Today is initiation day. There are several new members here now, waiting to see what their fate holds for them, for all of us. My name is Wren and I was born into the Insurgent Sector. My eighteenth birthday was two days ago, and this is the Sector that I have chosen to give my allegiance to. Despite the fact that I was born here, I still have to go through initiation. I still have to stand amongst the new people who know nothing about us or what we stand for, and it makes me sick. I can feel it deep within my core that something is happening within The Sphere. All around me, people are acting….differently as if they sense that something is wrong or about to change.” I turn from my bedroom window where I have been standing looking out over the Insurgent “compound” at the new initiates being herded inside like cattle. Just like the scent of rain lingers in the air right before a downpour begins, I can smell the hint of a rebellion brewing, after all, I’m a rebel myself but I’m not worried. I’ve been training for anything that The Sphere or corrupt politicians may throw our way since I was in my mother’s womb.”

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“I am in love”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kimberly tetreau

This is one of the best books I have ever read I am so looking forward to the next book I fell in love with all the characters this book keeps you guessing til the end.

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